5 Benefits Of Using a Waterless Car Cleaning Service


Let’s face it, no one likes driving around in a dirty car. We do it because washing it as often as we’d like simply isn’t an option anymore, especially with the recent water restriction implementation within the region. This leaves us with a quick and convenient waterless car cleaning service option that eliminates water wastage and time spent to get your ride looking as good as new.

Here are 5 benefits of using a waterless car cleaning service:

  1. Cleans without leaving scratches

Waterless cleaning products contain an added lubricant along with cleaning agents to remove dirt and other unwanted particles stuck to the surface of your vehicle, compared to the traditional way of washing your car with water. If you’re not careful, you can easily leave fine scratches by using water, soap, and a sponge simply by not removing the dirt thoroughly before cleaning.

  1. Saves valuable time

The amount of time it takes to wash your vehicle varies greatly on the efficiency of the washer, however, you can easily expect to spend at least an hour to clean the basics. By using a waterless car wash cleaning service, you’ll cut the time in half without skipping any surface. This will save a lot of time spent making your vehicle look brand new.

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  1. Protects the environment

The added benefit of using a waterless car cleaning service is the decreased environmental footprint left behind when you’re done making your car look brand new. Not only will you save water, which we can’t really afford to waste, but you won’t be washing away any harmful chemicals that would’ve been left behind if you chose to clean your car using the traditional method – contributing to an eco-friendly cleaning option.

  1. Provides an added wax

Traditionally, when washing your car, waxing doesn’t really add into the equation. Not only does it require extra time to do it properly, but it costs a little bit more when having it done professionally. However, a waterless car cleaning solution creates a long-lasting shine with an added wax element to prevent your vehicle from needing a wash every few days.

  1. Conserves your wallet

Taking into consideration the cost of water and the inconvenience of having your car washed at a professional car wash, you’ll be saving a lot of money long-term – especially if you have more than one vehicle to clean. On average, you’ll be saving 200 litres per wash, reducing the cleaning time and overall environmental footprint.

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