How To Keep An Office Bathroom Fresh: 5 Simple Tips


Let’s face it, office bathrooms have the potential to freak anyone out. We’re talking about unlimited amounts of germs from numerous employees forgetting to wash their hands, smells strong enough to send you into next week Tuesday, and possible stains leaving you to question humanity. It’s pretty normal, considering it’s the one place in the office where employees can completely be themselves without anyone watching. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep your office bathroom in top notch condition (without sacrificing your own dignity)

  1. Hire a corporate cleaning company

The best way to keep your office bathroom clean and smelling fresh is by hiring a reliable corporate cleaning company to do what they do best – offering their services once a week/month, depending on your agreement. Not only do they do a thorough job, but they’re in and out without knowing they were even there.

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  1. Install automatic air fresheners

Having a fresh-smelling office bathroom via the installation of automatic air fresheners is one of the most important factors of ensuring your ‘private space’ remains fresher for longer. After all, the unspeakable happens in those cubicles and you want something to deter the odours without letting everyone know what just happened. Thus, manual spraying is not necessary.

  1. Don’t forget important urinal blocks

It’s absolutely necessary to add urinal blocks to the shopping list. Not only does it deter pesky odours, but it adds some colour to an otherwise dull office bathroom. Remember, this only applies to the men’s restroom. Hygiene services are extremely important in order to keep germs from spreading.

  1. Invest in automatic hand dryers

Automatic hand dryers offer the option to dry your hands without having to touch any surfaces or create unnecessary trash. The possibility of letting pieces of paper towels fall on the floor and leaving them there is also non-existent. Besides, having a towel for drying hands is completely out of the question. No one enjoys drying their hands on a damp, germ infested towel.

  1. Opt for an automatic toilet bowl cleaner

Although professional office cleaning services will ensure the toilet bowls are clean enough to enjoy your lunch on (not recommended though), it’s always a good idea to add automatic toilet bowl cleaners to each toilet to ensure stains and germs are kept under control.

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