ACC Complies With Eco-Friendly Cleaning In Terms Of The Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000


Ensuring the safety of food from the farm to the fork, regardless of where in the food chain you may find yourself, is absolutely crucial in order to control food safety hazards. However, although all areas of the food chain are important, affecting one another, we find the following specific areas applicable to the services we offer. They are:

  • Food preparation and handling areas.
  • Production areas.
  • Processing facilities.
  • Storage and distribution depots.

By adhering to The Food Safety Management Systems ISO 22000 in our cleaning methods, particularly implementing eco-friendly cleaning methods, we not only ensure the safety of those involved in the food preparation and handling areas, but the consumer enjoying the end product.


Although the ISO 22000 is under revision, the following guidelines are still applicable until the necessary changes have been made. They are as follows:

  • To ensure that an organisation adheres to the stipulated food safety regulations.
  • To ensure the necessary planning and upgrades to the food safety management systems set in place are implemented, as well as maintained to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • To communicate food hazard concerns to suppliers, customers and relevant parties within the food chain.
  • To successfully seek certification of the food safety management system by an external source/organisation.
  • To demonstrate compliance with the regulatory food safety requirement.


In order to comply with the above International Standards, the following food industry cleaning services are offered:

  • Monthly cleaning audits and reports.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for each cleaning station, as well as the particular cleaning method and eco-friendly cleaning products to be used for such stations.
  • An appropriate cleaning verification schedule to ensure all applicable areas have been cleaned to adhere to the above International Standards.
  • An implemented cleaning schedule including the necessary cleaning requirements on site for daily, weekly, monthly as well as annual cleaning times.
  • The appropriate training requirements for each site including necessary re-training.


As a reliable corporate cleaning company specialising in the food industry, we believe in protecting the environment as well the end-consumer by using eco-friendly cleaning products certified and approved by authentication regulatory bodies. Although this is a cost-effective method for cleaning by using fewer cleaning products, we also adhere to safety standards by implementing cleaning products safe for the environment and those involved in the food chain.

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