Moving Into Your New Office With Ease: Pre-Occupation Cleaning


Plenty of excitement is associated with moving into a new office space – especially if it’s bigger and more accessible than the previous building. However, there’s nothing worse than having to clean it beforehand, finding untouched corners and unwanted occupants in your commercial property. African Corporate Cleaning is a corporate cleaning company that provides a Pre-Occupation Cleaning Service for business who are about to transition into a new office space – ensuring a fresh start to business.

Along with implementing normal cleaning routines within your new office space, our Pre-Occupation Cleaning Service also includes:

  • Window cleaning

Cleaning both interior and exterior windows, our team of specialists can easily tackle hard-to-reach inaccessible places than normal cleaning companies or individuals are unable to clean – giving your new office space a brand new look from the outside. Cleaning can either be arranged as a once-off or on a regular basis to prevent the unnecessary build-up of dirt and dust.

  • Hard floor cleaning

With time, beautiful hardwood floors, marble, travertine, porcelain, slate, sandstone etc. can become damaged - especially if the necessary care wasn’t administered during the time of use. Our team of specialist cleaners is able to restore and maintain such flooring as well as stripping and sealing of vinyl floors and deep cleaning of ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo etc. tiles

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Office carpets and furniture can easily become dirty over time, needing a proper clean before moving into your new office building. We specialise in oriental carpets and fabric protection to give you a brand new look from the get-go.

  • High access cleaning

Those hard-to-reach places are often neglected and overlooked – thus needing a proper clean every once in a while. At ACC, we can easily access chandeliers, roof beams and trusses, as well as suspended ceiling boards, giving you complete peace of mind that all aspects of your interior are clean.

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