5 Clear Signs You Have a Serious Bug Problem


corporate cleaning companyBeing aware of a bug problem in your home or commercial property early on can save you plenty of unnecessary expenses and damage due to having to get rid of pesky pests and fixing what’s broken. Not only is it hazardous to your health, but you may be living with mooching tenants who often multiply excessively.

So if you’re ever unsure of whether or not you may have a bug problem, keep the following signs in mind.

  1. Bug droppings

As an obvious sign of a possible bug problem, you can clearly determine the severity of the problem simply by a number of bug droppings present. It may also be a good idea to determine the bug origin of the droppings to establish which bugs you may be dealing with.

  1. Unusual smells

If you have a strong sense of smell it may be easier to determine which bugs you’re dealing with. It’s been said that bed bugs have a sweet smell whilst roaches give off more of an oily stench; similar to soy sauce. So keep your nose close to the ground and your ears peeled for the next useful sign.

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  1. Odd noises

The various noises present in the middle of the night probably has more to do with bugs and unwanted rodents than a possible ghost. The things that come crawling in the middle of the night will create a bit of a noise; including squeaking, scratching, and the pitter patter of tiny bug feet. Listen carefully to determine a possible cause.

  1. Dead bugs

Dead bugs will mostly be present in the corners of your property, underneath cupboards, and in the window ledges. Be mindful of what you find and keep track of a number of dead bugs. It may be a normal part of life and a normal amount of bugs to be found on a particular property, or you could be dealing with something more serious.

  1. Active bugs

Of course, the best way to determine whether or not you have a bug problem is by finding live bugs. They tend to come out when they think you’re not looking; often at night. Stay up if you must or stay at work a little bit later to spot a few more if you suspect a bug problem.

Bonus tip: egg cases

Roaches tend to leave egg cases in order to breed new life. Thus, if you do find a few of those, it’s probably a good idea to call in the professionals before a few roaches turn into an infestation. Chances are, there are plenty of roaches around you that you simply haven’t noticed yet.

By complying with legislative requirements, you can rest assured that unwanted pests will be taken care of without putting your family or co-workers in danger; whilst fixing the root of the problem at the same time.

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