How To Clean Your Windows Like A Professional


window cleaningStruggling to find an effective way of cleaning your windows? Since many professional cleaners never give away their secret methods for cleaning windows, we thought we’d offer a few useful pointers in order to give your windows the sparkle they deserve.


As any homeowner can agree, there’s nothing more irritating than not being able to look out your windows. As far as running a business goes, clients judge your services solely by the aesthetics of your company. Having dirty windows can make or break certain business deals; as silly as it may sound.

What you’ll need:

  • Bucket
  • Squeegee
  • Scraper
  • Cleaning product
  • Dry cloth

Here’s how to clean your windows like a professional:

  1. Purchase the correct equipment

There’s absolutely no way you can clean like a professional without having the proper equipment. Remember, it doesn’t need to be an expensive outing. Professionals prefer cleaning the windows with a long T-bar that has a synthetic washer located at the end. You need to be able to reach high places without stretching too much. They also prefer wiping away left-over water with a reliable squeegee. Lastly, you need to scrape away any stubborn spots with a scraper.


  1. Don’t waste money on expensive cleaners

Again, cleaning doesn’t need to be expensive. Some inexpensive dishwashing liquid will do just fine. Remember to dilute it with water to get the most out of your cleaning products. Use what you have at home or choose eco-friendly cleaning products; whichever you can afford.


  1. Perfect the technique

It’s called ‘fanning’; applying the cleaning solution onto the window and wiping away with your squeegee in an S-shape. It’s extremely popular due to the fact that this particular method doesn’t leave any streaks. Not only is it a professional window cleaner’s worst nightmare to be left with unwanted marks, you’ll end up having to redo the process if done incorrectly.

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Seem like too much of a hassle? Hire a corporate cleaning company specialising in window cleaning to offer fast and experienced cleaning solutions.



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