Food Storage Guidelines: How Long Can You Keep Food In The Fridge?


food storageLet’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of leaving food in the office fridge for longer than we should; whether out of forgetfulness, something more delicious replacing your fridge lunch, or simply because you’re too lazy to throw it out.

Perhaps you feel as if you’re cheating death somehow by not quite knowing for sure if the chicken you’re about to eat is still within its edible phase. Maybe you’re convinced that pasta tastes better after day three? We bet you’re one of those employees who, if it still smells good and looks fine, will let nothing stop you from consuming it.

Thus, if your office is sharing a fridge containing everyone’s breakfasts, lunches, and in between snacks, it’s important to know which foods can be stored for a few days and which should be tossed immediately.

  1. Cheesecake: 3 – 7 days

Who can turn down a delicious piece of cheesecake? Unless you’ve been saving it for more than a week, it should still be edible; taking into consideration that you’ve wrapped it well.


  1. Quiche: 2 – 3 days

Unless you plan on freezing your daily quiche (which can be stored for 6 months) it’s never a good idea to keep a quiche in the fridge for more than three days. Not only will the pastry become soggy, the taste will be slightly off.


  1. Cheese: 3 -4 weeks

Thinking of making a cheese sandwich at work? It’s always a good idea to pack a little bit of cheese in your lunch box. However, it’s important to keep an eye on it for mould, especially once opened. The great news is you can cut the mouldy pieces off and use what’s left.


  1. Milk: 7 days

There’s nothing more delicious than a glass of full cream milk, unless you’ve had it standing in the fridge for more than seven days. Remember to check the milk’s “condition” before adding it to your coffee otherwise you may end up having to start a new cup from scratch.

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  1. Yogurt: 7 – 14 days

Although yogurt (especially the plain kind) is extremely healthy for you, you can end up storing yogurt for too long; resulting in the water separating from the actual yogurt; resulting in a change in texture. Remember to finish the yogurt within two weeks once opened.


  1. Apples: 3 – 5 months

Great as a mid-day snack, apples contain Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium; which is great for keeping your teeth healthy, your energy levels up, and weight under control.


  1. Salad: 3 – 5 days

For those who are health conscious, keeping a salad in the fridge is always a great idea; unless it’s been there for more than five days. Not only will the lettuce become soggy and turn brown, the meat contained in the salad will spoil.


  1. Soup: 3 – 4 days

Winter is a great time for soup, unless you make too much of it and don’t have enough storage space in your freezer. Ensure that do not freeze cream-based soups as the dairy can curdle and separate from the rest of the ingredients.


  1. Luncheon meats: 3 – 5 days

Making a delicious lunch meat sandwich has its perks, unless you’ve been storing the meat for more than five days. Not only will it lose flavour if not properly sealed, the meat can spoil; leaving you as sick as a dog.


  1. Cooked chicken: 3 – 4 days

Whether you plan on making a chicken salad or enjoy a healthy piece of plain chicken with vegetables, always ensure that the poultry is consumed within four days. If this is not possible, freeze the pieces and use in soups and casseroles.

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