6 Important Professional Cleaning Services Offered By ACC


Professional cleaning servicesWhen it comes to finding a reputable cleaning company to ensure the cleanliness of your workspace, it’s never an easy walk in the park. Ensuring that the company has a trusted workforce and enough experience in order to deliver quality work can leave any business owner feeling a little bit lost.

At African Corporate Cleaning, we supply customisable cleaning solutions on a contract or project basis to a diverse range of clients and industries in Gauteng and Mpumalanga.



So, the next time you need your office cleaned, keep African Corporate Cleaning’s 6 important professional cleaning services in mind:

  1. Corporate Cleaning

Offering cleaning services within offices and kitchens, bathroom and toilets, as well as all floor surfaces, you can rest assured that your workspace will remain sparkling clean at all times; ensuring the health and safety of your employees by limiting sick days and improving the office morale.

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  1. Automotive Cleaning

At ACC, we understand the value of conserving water, which is why we offer specialised automotive vehicle cleaning services using specific cleaning products. We provide superior motor vehicle and wash bay services to showrooms, workshops, carwash facilities, and commercial vehicles.

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  1. Food Safety

Of course, when it comes to providing a food service to the public, you need to ensure that all preparation areas are sparkling clean according to the food safety standards. “Our specialist Food Safety business complies with the criteria of ISO 22 000 and HACCP”

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  1. Logistics and Distribution Centres

It’s important to ensure the cleanliness of your warehouse in order to adhere to safety regulations. At ACC, we provide minimal staffing in order to avoid congestion within the warehouse; ensuring the cleanliness of your workspace without disrupting the workflow.

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  1. Hygiene and Pest Control

No one likes dealing with pesky little critters, which is where African Corporate Cleaning comes in. Of course, we also provide sanitiser solutions, consumables, as well as Sanibin services, to name a few.

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  1. Window Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your office building’s windows clean, you need specialists with the right kind of equipment in order to perform a decent job. At ACC, we have a specialised team who can access commercial windows up to six stories high; using effective, long-lasting techniques.

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