How To Clean: The Most Forgettable Items In Your Home


corporate cleaning companyCleaning on a weekly basis seems to be the norm for most people; ensuring that the carpets have been vacuumed, the dishes have been washed, the laundry has been ironed and safely tucked away, and every flat surface has received a thorough dusting. However, there are certain places in your home that never seem to see a drop of disinfectant. The most forgettable items in our homes tend to be neglected – gathering dust and unsightly dirt.

Did you remember to clean the following items this week?

  • Doorknobs and light switches

Never forget to wipe down the doorknobs in your home on a weekly basis. As one of the most germ-infested objects found in your house, you can easily transfer germs from one person to the next; especially if you forget to wash your hands after visiting the restroom. Use a disinfectant cleaner or an alcohol swab to wipe down the doorknobs and light switches in your home and office.


  • Remote control

When was the last time you cleaned the button of your television remote control? Considering that you touch it numerous times in an evening, you’re bound to find sticky fingerprints and way too many germs on it; especially if you have a young family. Clean your television remote control by using a lint free cloth and disinfectant solution.


  • Toothbrush holder

Think about it, you place your toothbrush in your mouth twice a day but you never clean the holder in which it patiently waits for you. Not only will you find germs, you’ll also see mould, discolouration, and grime in some instances. Clean your toothbrush holder by soaking it in one part bleach, three parts water for at least an hour. Rinse with water and leave to dry.


  • Toilet roll holder

When flushing the toilet while the toilet seat is up, you’re potentially spreading germs throughout the entire room; including the toilet roll holder. Thus, you can conveniently wipe it down by using disinfectant wipes or a bleach and water solution. Remember to close the toilet lid before flushing.

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  • Indoor dustbin

Yes, cleaning your indoor dustbin may be a horrible experience, but someone has to do it. Liquids from inside the bag can easily seep through tiny holes; leaving your dustbin contaminated. In order to prevent this, wipe down the lid as well as the inside of your dustbin with disinfectant wipes from the day that you buy it.


  • Hairbrush

When last did you clean your hairbrush?  Unfortunately, you can experience hair loss, dandruff, and scalp infections from using a dirty brush. Once a week, soak your hairbrush in detergent for 15 minutes then wear gloves to remove the excess grime.


  • Vacuum filter

Having a dusty vacuum filter can easily spread dust and dirt around vacuuming, in which case it’s important to wash your vacuum filter thoroughly by keeping it under running water and letting it dry before using it again. Remember, you use your vacuum nearly every time that you clean, so it’s important not to forget this very forgettable household item.

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