5 Top Tips For Decluttering Your Desk


Professional office cleaning serviceWorking in a cluttered work space may work for some, but ultimately, it hinders your productivity more than you can imagine. Thus, by clearing the clutter on your desk and creating space for every little thing needed to conduct your work successfully, it allows you to concentrate on what needs to be done and offers you the opportunity to become a successful employee without the added distractions of clutter.

Try the following decluttering ideas to make your work space user-friendly:

  1. Colour code everything

In order to reorganise your incoming paperwork and tasks, it’s best to use a colour coding system to keep things in place in order to remember what’s important. You can either do it via a physical sticky note system or virtually – adding a sticky note app to your phone or laptop. That way, you can stay on top of important tasks and organise your paperwork the way it should be.

  1. Implement a label maker

Apart from implementing a sticky note system, it’s also necessary to add a label maker to your decluttering list – marking files and desk drawers to ensure that you know exactly what is where when you absolutely need it.

  1. Go wireless

Wires tend to be a nuisance and often end up creating an unsightly work space that no organised human being can happily live with. Thus, the best way to get rid of the look is by going wireless completely. Choose a Bluetooth mouse (in particular) to free up more desk space – avoiding at least one annoying wire for a much more pleasant look.

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  1. Add filing cabinets

Knowing what to do with incoming paperwork isn’t always easy. Each one has a different purpose; often finding space underneath a new document. Thus, you can easily add a filing cabinet or two underneath your desk to free up space and organise your stack of important documents.

  1. Make use of containers

Instead of throwing your stationary together in your desk drawer, why not add containers inside your drawer to create separate compartments where storing pens and other odds and ends will be easier – not to mention neat and tidy. Besides, there’s nothing worse than an untidy office desk stacked with dried up pens.

Apart from ensuring that your desk is clutter-free, it’s also important to ensure that your work space is clean and free of dust and germs. Thus, making use of a professional office cleaning service, you’re able to enjoy the freedom of a clutter-free desk without worrying about the cleanliness of your work space.

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