How To Clean: Leather Couches


How to clean leather couchesMaintaining your leather couches is an important factor in ensuring that your investment lasts longer than expected. Thus, when it comes to figuring out how to clean your leather couches, there are certain leather couch maintenance tips to follow in order to make the best decisions in terms of knowing what to do and certainly what not to do when making such an expensive investment.

  1. Condition the leather regularly

Since leather is a natural material, it’s important to apply leather conditioner every six – twelve month in order to ensure that the leather remains in a good condition. If not, your leather couches could end up drying out and cracking – especially when placed in direct sunlight.

  1. Use a brush vacuum attachment

Avoid scratching your leather couches by using a brush attachment when vacuuming your leather couches. Since minor scratches can easily be removed by simply rubbing on the leather with your fingers (using your natural oils to blend the scratch with the leather), it’s best to prevent any scratches in the first place.

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  1. Implement a damp cloth only

Avoid bringing water anywhere near your leather couch by using a damp cloth to wipe away any spills or food droppings. Be sure to dry the spot after wiping away the crusts/liquid in order to avoid water stains.

  1. Opt for a hairdryer

By using your leather couch on a daily basis, you’re most likely stretching the leather in certain places. One of the best ways to get rid of stretches is by using a hairdryer on its hottest setting and blowing it over the stretched area. The leather will shrink back to its normal size after cooling down.

  1. Keep away from the sun

Most importantly, never place leather couches next to a window with sunlight. The direct sunlight will dry the leather out and cause it to crack in certain places. This means that your leather couch will experience premature damage. Instead, place a protective cover over the leather if you can.

Having leather office furniture requires the care of someone who knows exactly which products to use and how to properly maintain your leather furniture in order to maintain its quality. Thus, you need to implement the help of a professional cleaning company to do what they do best: cleaning your office space and living areas.

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