10 Things You Can Clean Once a Year


Most of us only "spring clean" our homes once a year around the start of spring, and some things around the house are okay to only clean once a year.

Find some inspiration and a DIY warning here before you start cleaning these 10 items:


Spray them down with a hose. Dip a clean, soft-bristled broom in some soapy water, scrub the window with the broom, hose it down again and give it time to dry. Wipe away any residue with some damp newspaper (tied to the broom if you can't reach). Want to clean them like a professional? Read here.


Curtains, Blinds and Drapes

Check the labels to determine if they can be washed in your washing machine. If so, you're good to go! Some might have to be dry-cleaned, others can only be vacuumed. For fabric and vinyl blinds, use a rubber sponge (also called a dry sponge) to remove dust and spot-clean with an all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth.


Under furniture and appliances

Pull the furniture and appliances away from their original spots. Vacuum the floor area - if it is tiled, wash the area with a mop or cloth after vacuuming. If it is carpeted, consider deep cleaning the carpet.


Deep clean carpets

Sprinkle some dry carpet cleaner on your carpets and leave for an hour before vacuuming the carpet. If there are some stubborn stains use this spot cleaner. To fix marks made by furniture, place an ice cube in the dent. If your carpets are very dirty, rather hire a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpets.


Couches and sofas

First, check if you can find any labels on the furniture with cleaning instructions you can follow. For leather couches, read here. Otherwise (and if it doesn't seem like delicate fabric), use a white cloth or soft brush to gently scrape off any loose hair or crumbs. Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Vacuum the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment. Remember to vacuum between the cushions as well.


Light fixtures

Use a damp cloth and some all-purpose cleaner to clean your light fixtures. Also, use this opportunity to replace all the globes that are out and you put off changing. Remember to clean light switches as well!


Inside closets and cabinets

Unpack everything from the closet/cabinet. Wipe the area with a damp cloth and some all-purpose cleaner. While you wait for it to dry completely, go through all the items and donate or discard any broken, unused, or expired items.


Outdoor furniture

Use a damp cloth with some mild detergent to wipe down all the areas on your outdoor furniture. Depending on the material, it might need some extra care. If it's wood, spray some wood guard over it and don't allow it to get too wet.


Empty your gutters

This is important in spring, especially before it starts raining. Blocked gutters can lead to all kinds of problems. Remove all the leaves accumulated in the gutters and hose it down, making sure there are no blockages.



Most of us use our garages as extra storing space and just forget about everything in there. Once a year, tackle your garage and get rid of everything you forgot you had and didn't miss. Dust all the areas and sweep the floor - no need for intense cleaning unless you feel like it.


If you need help cleaning your office or business, contact us for a quote!



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