5 Tips To Declutter Your Home


declutter homeWhile busy spring cleaning your home, you might notice some areas in serious need of decluttering. Even if your home is sparkling clean from top to bottom, it can still feel dirty if there are too many things laying around.

There are many suggestions available to deal with the clutter in your house; from giving away one item for 365 days to dedicating 5 minutes a day to tidying.

Here are our suggestions to the most effective way of dealing with clutter:


Break down the areas you want to declutter

Make a list of all the areas or rooms in your house that need decluttering. You can decide how big or small you want to go, for example: The closet in your main bedroom; the mirror table in the main bedroom; the area in the corner of your main bedroom; or just the main bedroom as a whole. Once you have a list of all the areas that need decluttering, it's easier to choose an efficient way to get it all done.


Decide on a limit

Whether it is a certain amount of time or a certain area, stop when you reach the limit. If a task seems larger than the amount of time or energy you feel you have, you can get demotivated very easily. Decide what your limit will be, for example, 30 minutes of cleaning or a dedicated area. When you're done with it, stop. Then, when you're finished and you feel you have enough time and energy to continue, start another session and stop again when you're done. This way, if you have limited time or energy, it's easier to push yourself to the end of the task because the "end" is clearly defined.


Get three large containers

Mark three large containers each with one of the following labels: Discard, Donate/Sell, and Relocate. Consider every single thing in each room. If it's garbage or broken, place in the Discard container. Maybe it's still usable but you don't need it anymore - place it in the Donate/Sell container. If you want to keep it but it needs to go to another room, place it in the Relocate container. And if it needs to stay in that room, put it back where it belongs. Set some time aside to clear each of the containers, for example when they're full, when you reached your "limit" as determined in #2, or before you start your next session.


Restore the order

After going through each area that you determined needed decluttering, you can start restoring the order in each room. It's much easier to reorganise all your belongings when you know that they are where they belong and that there is no extra clutter taking up space.


Avoid the clutter

Instead of only decluttering your home once it gets too untidy, set some measures in place to avoid the clutter. One idea that works quite well, is to have a dedicated container at the place where you notice the most clutter collecting. Instead of just putting items down randomly, place them in the container and empty the container once a week by putting everything back where they belong.


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