Minimalist Living: Simplify Your Life


Minimalist living is more than just clearing our living spaces of clutter. Did you know that you can clutter your time, your thoughts, and your heart as well? To truly simplify your life, you need to address these areas as well, not just decluttering and de-owning your material belongings.

Simplify your time

We tend to rush everywhere, leaving no time for ourselves to relax and unwind, always having things to do, places to go, and people to see. We have so many commitments, from work and hobbies to religious and family responsibilities.

Try this: Aim to have a few quiet evenings during the week at home. Spend some time alone reading, or do something creative with your partner and kids. Try to spend one whole weekend a month entirely at home, too.

Simplify your thoughts

Our thoughts can actually get cluttered very easily. So many things demand our attention. And technology doesn’t help. People can reach us instantly, not even mentioning the time we spend scrolling through our social media accounts and binge-watching series.

Try this: Unless your job requires you to be on call after hours, leave your phone at the door when you enter your house. That way it isn’t within your reach to constantly check your notifications. Also, when clearing your flat surfaces in your living area, put away your TV’s remote control; you’ll be less likely to use it.

Simplify your emotions

Emotions are a difficult thing to let go of. Especially negative emotions like unforgiveness, guilt, anger, resentment, bitterness, and jealousy. These emotions cling to us, and can even start to make us ill if we don’t deal with them. They also consume a lot of our energy day after day.

Try this: Make a list of the negative emotions you know you experience often. Try to find a way to let go of them and deliberately replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t allow the emotions to convince you that they are just a part of you; it is possible to work through them and let them go. It’s not easy to do alone, so consider finding a counsellor or psychologist to guide you through it.

Follow these simple steps to simplify your life - you will feel the difference. If you want more information about minimalist living, read our previous article: Tips For Minimalist Living.

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