Unusual Items That Can Be Recycled


Most people are aware of the common items that can be recycled like paper, plastic, glass, and metal. But there are a few more unusual things that can actually be recycled too:


Disposable batteries can't be recycled, but rechargeable batteries can. Even though disposable batteries aren't recycled, you still shouldn't throw them away with your trash. They can be dangerous to the environment and should rather be disposed of properly.


Electronics have certain parts that can be recycled. This includes computers and machines like dishwashers. They have to be taken apart carefully to split these parts into the relevant recycling categories. These mostly include plastics and metal. You can even recycle used printer cartridges! You can usually find bins to place these in at shops like Incredible Connection.


Did you know that certain fabrics like cotton can be recycled? The clothing store H&M offers you a discount on your purchase if you hand in a bag of old clothes. The fabric can be recycled to make textile fibres and used in insulation, for example. https://about.hm.com/en/sustainability/get-involved/recycle-your-clothes.html They also sell denims made from recycled fabric!

Used cooking oil

Don't throw the cooking oil you used to fry your chips down the drain; instead, let it cool and pour it into a plastic bottle with a cap that closes tightly. Used cooking oil can be used to manufacture biofuel.

Wine Corks

Now your wine drinking habits can be a part of your recycling routine! Apart from the glass bottle, the cork can also be recycled. Natural cork is completely biodegradable and renewable and can be used for flooring tiles, building insulation, automotive gaskets, craft materials, and soil conditioner.


Don't you just hate throwing away short, stumpy bits of crayons just because they aren't fun to use anymore? These bits of crayons can be melted to produce new ones! You can find more information on how to do this yourself here.


For a long time, fruit juice and milk cartons were considered as unrecyclable. Although they are made from paper, they are lined with plastic and/or aluminium so they cannot be recycled as normal paper. But the company Tetra Pak made it possible for SA to recycle these too!

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