How To Get Rid Of Moths In Your Home Or Office


There are different species of moths that might be the ones pestering you. Certain moths would live in your pantry, and others might prefer your clothes. Whichever type of infestation you have, here are some handy tips to get rid of moths.

Should you get rid of moths?

Moths don't pose a health hazard, but they can do some serious damage to the fabrics in your home or office. They are attracted to various household items which can provide them with a food source or a safe place to lay their eggs. The damage they cause can range from holes eaten in fabrics like clothes or carpets, stains from faeces as they were feeding, and contamination of large amounts of food where the eggs hatch and larvae feed.

Types of moths

The pest moths most commonly found in SA include:

Pantry moths:

These moths feed on dry foods found in your typical pantry. The foods they prefer to feed on include grains, nuts, flour, spices, and chocolate.

Almond Moth
Indian Meal Moth
Mediterranean Flour Moth
Tobacco Moth

Clothes moths:

These types of moths infest clothing, upholstery, carpets, and any other fabric that is animal-based.

Brown House Moth
Common Clothes Moth
White Shouldered House Moth

How to get rid of moths

You will see the adult moths flying around in your home or office. This is the clearest sign that you have a moth infestation. Other signs include fabrics with holes eaten in them and stains.

  • Try to find the source of where the moths originate. This might be inside a drawer or a cabinet, and especially in dry food sources.
  • Vacuum the affected area to get rid of larvae, or throw out the contaminated food.
  • Wash all your clothes, bed sheets, and cushion covers properly and regularly.
  • Moth traps can help trap adult moths.
  • Hire a pest control specialist to help you get rid of moths in your office
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