Top Tips To Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean


Have you ever looked forward to making yourself a fresh cup of coffee, only to find that there are no clean mugs? And not only aren't they clean, they're stuck at the bottom of an overfilled sink full of dirty dishes. Let’s face it, no one wants to stick their hands in there. Not to mention having to get milk for your coffee (in the mug you had to wash)out of the fridge only to be met with an awful stench the minute you open the fridge. Or even wanting to make yourself a sandwich for lunch on a dirty, sticky kitchen counter.

Sadly, it does happen. It’s definitely not a pleasant experience, but there are ways to combat it without burning down the office kitchen. Keep the following useful tips in mind in order to keep the office kitchen clean (or as clean as possible):

Take your own crockery to work

It may be a good idea to start implementing a rule where every employee has to bring their own crockery if you want to keep the office kitchen clean. You’ll never have anyone else to blame for the fact that you don’t have a clean mug.

Drains aren't garbage bins

If your office kitchen’s sink doesn’t have a built-in garbage disposal unit, avoid ever putting any food down the drain. Apart from the fact that it can get stuck and clog the drain, you’re also left with quite a stench after a while. Rather throw it in the dustbin and wash your plate afterwards.

Don't leave food in the fridge

We’ve all made the mistake of leaving food in the fridge for longer than we should; eventually forgetting about it. Make it a rule to always take leftovers home after a day at work; avoiding the possibility of a smelly fridge.

Hire a corporate cleaning company

Alternatively, one of the best ways of keeping everyone in the office happy and content is by hiring a corporate cleaning company to get your office kitchen clean. Keep office morale up and employees happy by employing professionals to do what they do best.

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