Why You Should Be Keeping Your Desk Clean


Did you know that viruses such as influenza (the flu virus) can survive on office desks for more than 24-hours? And studies have shown that office desks can be 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat! Keeping your desk clean is important for your health.

Here’s how you can keep your office desk relatively germ-free:

Stock up on sanitising desk wipes

Apart from having sanitising wipes for keeping your desk clean before eating there, you also need to actually use them. You may not get rid of all of the unwanted germs, but you’ll certainly kill the majority of them.

Keep cotton balls and cleaner nearby

Using a cotton ball, spray a little bit cleaning solution on one and wipe the keys of your keyboard at least once a day. Containing five times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, it’s absolutely necessary to keep it germ-free.

Stop touching your eyes

Wearing glasses makes this tip quite difficult, but it’s more of a habit than anything else. If you want to avoid possible eye infections and germs from being transferred onto your workspace, leave your eyes alone.

Wash your hands regularly

Studies have shown that approximately only 70% of individuals wash their hands after using the restroom. Don’t be part of the 30%! Wash your hands after every visit to avoid possible infections.

Avoid touching the restroom door handle

Seeing as only 70% of individuals wash their hands, it’s best if you avoid touching the door handle after you’ve washed yours. Use a paper towel to open the door and dispose of after use.

Have hand sanitiser handy

Hand sanitising gels are great for disinfecting your hands, especially during flu season. But don’t use it too often though - you don't want to kill the good bugs too.

Hire a professional cleaning company

One of the best, most hassle-free ways of keeping your workspace clean and germ-free is by hiring a corporate cleaning company to disinfect your office desk for you. They know what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it for years, which leaves you to be able to concentrate on actual work. It’s a win-win situation!

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