Cleaning delivery vehicles


Outsourcing the cleaning of delivery vehicles adds business value to companies where logistics is fundamental to their operations.

Cutting edge cleaning technologies, quality products, proven cleaning methodologies and processes, and customisable service agreements are just some of the benefits that a professional cleaning services company delivers.

With quality, well-trained and well-managed cleaning staff, the outsourcing of delivery vehicles cleaning to a professional services provider enables a company to rather focus on their core business. Management processes, cleaning schedules, operating procedures and tracking systems form part of how the cleaning team seamlessly becomes an extension of the business.

The following infographic provides more information.

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Businesses that focus on their core operations are more likely to grow their strategic offering. By outsourcing non-essential services such as the delivery vehicle wash bay, businesses can enjoy flexibility, convenience, peace of mind and enhanced capacity.

Performance guarantee – no contract required

At African Corporate Cleaning, we are so confident about solving all your cleaning needs that we will do so without any long-term contract in place. If we let you down, you just let us go. This ensures that we will always work hard at keeping you happy.

See how quickly we can help you

We have the right teams that ensure the highest standard of cleaning activities, approved cleaning methodologies and practices, and a management team with extensive experience in monitoring performance and conducting successful audit responses to ensure safety and sustainable business in your supply chain. Contact us for fast assistance:

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An empowered, South African company, African Corporate Cleaning helps you ensure clean, compliant environments for the safe supply of products to your clients in your supply chain.

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