Five reasons to consider professional cleaning services before moving into new offices


COVID-19 has seen many companies adopting a remote working policy that requires smaller officers to better suit their business needs. Moving from big to smaller offices, or vice versa, requires careful planning to optimise the available space; but it also requires professional cleaning and sanitisation to ensure that staff and visitors are kept safe from harmful pathogens, dust and pests.

Professional cleaning services add value to new office buildings

Buildings are nesting places for pests, bacteria, and other germs. While most people think their workplace has been thoroughly cleaned before moving in, it is sensible to verify that the building meets high quality cleaning standards throughout. A clean workplace is essential for the health of all people working at or visiting the premises, and it reduces the risk of allergies and disease. Productivity levels can be optimised if staff are healthy and more relaxed knowing that their environment is safe.

Performing in-house office cleaning may take more effort, time and skill than expected. If, like most moves, you’re working on a tight schedule, cleaning the workplace on your own could spell disaster. As an alternative, a professional cleaning company will clean and sanitize all areas effectively, using proven products and cleaning techniques, prior to the move.

There are many advantages of investing in professional cleaning services before moving into new premises. Here are five:

1. Establish a sensible cleaning schedule

Giving a professional cleaning company access to the new office space prior to taking occupancy, provides the cleaning team an opportunity to inspect the space in totality and to compile an applicable and holistic cleaning schedule that will not only support your cleaning objectives, but will identify any potential issues or risks, and will help you to uphold your company’s reputation. Contracting professional cleaning services permanently will ensure that your people operate in a safe workplace, and that a high standard of hygiene is maintained continuously into the future.

2. Minimise allergies

Allergens are a prominent issue in the workplace. Itchy eyes, sore throats, and sneezing are the last things your staff want to deal with as they adjust to the new office. Professional cleaning services help to ensure that grime build up, dust and other air pollutants are eliminated before your teams start working, whether the office space is newly built, renovated or previously occupied. Moving into a new environment is easier knowing it is clean and free of allergy triggers. It helps to ensure that your people stay well and prevents workers from calling in sick due to a runny nose, headache or sore throat during the transition.

3. Best cleaning practices for best outcomes

The correct cleaning materials, tools and techniques need to be used to ensure the right outcome – a safe, clean environment. Professional cleaning companies have access to product ranges that are suitable for diverse applications and operating environments. Green products, for example, are used to support a company’s environmental practices, while certified food safe products are used to adhere to stipulated health and safety standards. Cleaning products need to be diluted correctly and applied appropriately using the right contact times according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to be effective. Having an expert team to assist in selecting the right products, tools and cleaning techniques helps secure cleaning success.

4. Broad cleaning services and consumables management

Professional cleaning services companies specialise in diverse environments and solving cleaning challenges such as deep stains, damp, mold, mildew and pests for example. Investing in professional cleaning services enhances the quality of the facilities, restricts future damage and manages risks more effectively, delivering a safer, better experience for staff and visitors. Expert cleaning teams are also trained specifically to address these issues and are managed proactively to ensure that quality cleaning services are delivered at predetermined intervals, as agreed to with the client, consistently.

5. Access to cleaning consumables and products

Professional cleaning companies replenish cleaning and hygiene consumables at the right intervals, ensuring users of your facilities enjoy their experience. This eliminates needing to run out at the last minute to purchase cleaning materials, bathroom consumables or specialised chemicals. These are all readily available if you partner with a professional cleaning company.

Take action

Add significant value to your move by obtaining an obligation free quote from a professional cleaning services company. Make an appointment before your move to ensure the best outcome for your people and visitors. Choose a reputable cleaning company that will prioritise the health and safety of your people, will add value to your relocation and, importantly, will deliver peace.

Bonus tip

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