Handy Tips For Cleaning Up After Painting


The easiest way to clean up after painting is to make proper preparations. It's also important to dispose of unused paint in the correct way. Follow these easy tips to make your life a breeze when cleaning up after painting:

Prepare for spills

To make cleaning up after painting easier, rather prepare for the spills and splatters. Cover anything you don't want to get paint on - carpets, furniture, etc. Consider using a canvas sheet rather than plastic. Clean any spilt or splattered paint immediately with a paper towel - don't wait until the paint is dry.

Cut the tape

Don't just pull the tape off the trims after painting. If the paint is still wet it can smudge; and if you just pull off the tape once the paint is dry, you might pull off some pieces of paint with it. Wait for the paint to dry completely and then cut the tape off the wall using a sharp utility knife. You just need to cut through the film of paint that formed between the tape and the wall. This will give you a smooth finish.

Clean tools and brushes

You should clean your tools and brushes immediately after painting. If you wait for the paint to dry, you will have to throw everything out. Use warm, soapy water for water-based paints and solvent based cleaner for solvent-based paints. To clean your brushes thoroughly from solvent-based paint, clean them with the solvent-based cleaner first and then rinse them in warm water with a little detergent.

Have some leftover paint?

Paint can be hazardous, so don't just pour it down the drain or somewhere in the garden. First, consider donating it, someone else might find it useful. Or maybe you can store it for later use - properly stored paint can last quite a few years. If you really want to throw it away, let it dry first. Just leave the open can out in the sun. Or let the professionals handle it. Whatever you choose, just be kind to the environment.

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